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Teething troubles

After a couple of days “gardening leave” this apprentice blogger is dismayed to find that some new skills have evaporated. Must remember the need for constant practice here! I’m looking forward to the next day of the course when I can get some help with photos and links, hopefully, as both would be really useful.

I have also forgotten about tags, except that I am meant to be doing them! Colleague Mike seems to be able to do stuff that I can’t, or rather, he reports that his site will do stuff that mine does not seem to do, when I seem to take the same steps. Must be me, usually is, but am feeling a bit of a failure. My problem is that I cannot “read” a screen; there may be an obvious way to do something, but my eye/brain link just goes awol and I skim over it. I so need Friday to come around!


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