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Loughborough Branch in the Marketplace

Last  Saturday, 11th August, the WEA branch in Loughborough manned the free charities stall on the market, with the main aim of raising awareness of the WEA activities in the town and the county as a whole. However, the money raised from the sale of donated cakes and preserves will also be a welcome boost to the branch funds, still somewhat depleted after the costs of the move into the town centre premises last year.

The weather was kind and business was good, with early birds wanting to purchase goods even while the volunteers were still setting up the stall. Many people stopped to ask about the courses, and took brochures. Those who said “Oh, but I don’t live in Loughborough.” were quickly assured that we could offer courses near to them; even the  the lady from Stafford was given Loughborough market 11 Augdirections to the WEA  national website.

The branch will now wait and see if any of the additional publicity leads to an increase in enrolments, but even if effects are not immediately seen, at least there are fewer Loughborough people who will say “WEA? What’s that, then?”


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