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Regional AGM

The EM Region AGM took place last Saturday, 10th November, at the New Art Exchange in the Hyson Green area of Nottingham, with John Swinfield -Wells in the chair. With no new nominations for the official posts on the regional committee, the present members were reelected en bloc.  The county representatives then gave their short updates of the happenings in their counties, and you can read the Leicestershire report on the new “Leicestershire Reports” page of this blog. The current projects were then reported on, and the region’s finances for the last year were looked at – and they showed a good improvement on the forecast.

We then watched a short film made by our Chief Executive Ruth Spellman, which you can see to if you follow the link below, but if the link doesn’t seem to work for you (it didn’t for me, at first), do check out messages appearing on the screen, as you may need to download an up-to-date version of Flash-player. Download Ruth’s film here.

Mike Attwell, Regional Director for the East and West Midlands Regions, then gave a National and Regional update, and answered questions.

The Regional Adult Learners award was then made, and the Regional Excellence Awards in the various categories. There were several Leicestershire successes. The Adult Learners award went to a course on Asian Dressmaking, run at the Shama Women’s Centre and organised in partnership with  101 Hinkley Road Centre. Jenny Marriott, 101’s branch secretary received the Regional Volunteer’s award, and history tutor Aubrey Newman the Tutor’s award.

The meeting finished with an inspiring talk by Helen Bates, Community Historian, about the Hyson Green Oral History Project. The project reunited many former inhabitants of now demolished high rise blocks of flats, and their involvement in the project has lent many of them the confidence to go on to further study or volunteering.


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