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Spring and Summer Brochure available to download

Though the printed versions of the WEA East Midlands Spring and Summer brochures are not quite ready, there’s no need to wait for them before you choose your next class. The new brochures are available to download from the East Midlands website, or by clicking here.

There are two good reasons to enrol as soon as you can. Firstly, if your class is a popular one, you don’t want to risk not getting a place. Secondly, remember that classes must have a minimum number enrolled if they are not to be cancelled before the start of term; if several people leave it too late, there may not be a class to go to!

It’s a very busy time of year for many of us, and it is all to easy to forget about next term until New Year is past – or even Twelfth Night – but many of the classes start in the week beginning 7th January, and the enrolments will be scrutinised by the Tutor Organisers in the previous week, so getting your enrolment in before Christmas would be a tremendous help.

So have a great holiday, very best wishes to everyone.



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2 thoughts on “Spring and Summer Brochure available to download

  1. wendy morrison on said:

    unable to download loughborough classes – please help!

    • Sorry Wendy, don’t know what went wrong with that link. Did you try the regional website, a the links to that are fine, and you can download the brochure from there? Apologies to others who had the same problem, and also for delay in answering this comment – I’ve been away from my computer too long!

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