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Pitmen Painters coming to Curve

PITMEN750x340The acclaimed play, based on William Fever’s book, about the Ashington Group of painters is coming to Curve this summer.We are currently discussing with the theatre management how WEA might be involved. Check this blog, and publicity in your branches, for further developments. Also, if you have given us the permission for email contact, we may email you about anything of special interest.

What’s the reason for wanting to link WEA to this production? It is part of our history, no less. The group was made up of  a number of residents of the Ashington area, mostly miners, all working men, who studied with WEA in the 1930’s. They decided that they should branch out into Art Appreciation, but soon they and their tutor realised that they needed to learn by actually doing some painting. They painted what they knew, and as their work became known they were exhibiting, even involved in broadcasts, and in contact with some of the famous names of the art world.

The play was first produced in Newcastle in 2007, moved to the National Theatre for a highly successful run, and is currently touring the country. It is also Derby during the last week in May, which is where I shall have to go to see it – holidays do get in the way!

Mandy Grocott



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