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Summer? Honestly, it’s almost here!

Don’t be fooled by the less than spring-like weather. Across the county, hardworking branch volunteers, and staff  in the Leicester and Loughborough offices, are waiting to hear from you.  If you are intending to enrol for the summer term but have not yet done so, now’s the time.

Some classes actually start tomorrow (8th April), and some are still several weeks away, but whenever your class starts starts, enrol now, while you remember. (Am I being unfair, in thinking that I am not the only one with a shocking memory? I confess that it was only when checking start dates before typing this post that I found my art class is one of those that begins this week.) While you have the brochure out you should also have a look at the short courses offered at the end of the summer term. They present a great opportunity to try out something new.

Misplaced your brochure? You can view it online by going to the regional website. (Left click on the link to “regional” in the “Welcome” section above, and then you will find “Brochures” on the right hand side of their homepage)



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