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Summer County Forum, Loughborough, May 18th

Join us in Loughborough for what should be an enjoyable day with an historical theme. You can find out more about the day by going to the Next County Forum page of this blog.Bear in mind that if you do not have the whole day free, you are welcome to come to just morning or afternoon.

Hereward the Wake is a character from our history who was much romanticised in the past, a forerunner of Robin Hood, but what was his real story? Find out more about Hereward when David Benjamin of Leicester University looks at what history tells us of Hereward and his struggles with William the Conqueror over possession of the fens (or fenns, to use an older spelling, as David does.)

For a look much further into the past, join Geology tutor Gerry Shaw for a walk into the town of Loughborough (no distance, as Quest House is actually in the town centre) to have a look at The Rocks that made Loughborough. By looking at the rock and stone that has been quarried from the area, and used to create the paths and buildings around us , we can find out much about the turbulent prehistory of Leicestershire. We were not always at 52 degrees north with a pleasant(ish) climate!


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