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Autumn Brochures are here!

If you studied with WEA in  Leicestershire in 2012/13, your Autumn Brochure should be dropping on your mat any day now. I have just pushed a bagful of them into the postbox myself, and other volunteers have also been busy inserting the brochures in their envelopes and sticking on the stamps and address labels.

If you are impatient to see what’s on offer, then you can download the brochure right now at http://www.weaeastmidlands.org/brochure

If you usually go to classes in Leicester itself, you may have heard that WEA were asked at short notice to withdraw from Vaughan College, as from September; you will see something about this in the brochure. The staff in Leicestershire and at the East Midlands head office have worked very hard to come up with solutions that would not delay the production of the brochure, and this meant that some Leicester classes did not have the venue fixed at the time of going to print.

Finally, when you receive or download your brochure, why not book straight away for those courses you’d like to join. It’s easy to forget how quickly time flies – mid-September may seem like an age away now, but “summer’s lease hath all too short a date” is all too true! However, if you do not get an instant reply to your application, remember that your branch secretary may be away on holiday.

Mandy Grocott


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