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A taste of the WEA in Kegworth

We are about to launch a range of WEA taster courses in Kegworth. These are so new that they don’t appear in our autumn brochure.

After consulting with staff in the Community Centre on The Dragwell, we have drawn up a list of likely courses, based on local interests and popular demand. The courses – all to be run at Kegworth Community Centre during weekdays – are:
Richard III and The Wars of the Roses
Enjoy birding with others
Improve your French
Geology: walks with talks in Charnwood
Make your own art journal
Plays and play-going
So there really is something for everyone!

The even better news is that these September taster courses will be FREE! More courses will follow, on request, if we generate interest and raise expectations in the local area.

For further details and to book your free place on a course, please contact
Kegworth Community Centre – 01509 67 22 37 or
Quest House – 01509 26 86 36.


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4 thoughts on “A taste of the WEA in Kegworth

  1. Fiona miller on said:

    Would be very interested in two of these courses but work full time, so can’t attend daytime classes 😦

    • This is the first first time that we’ve offered classes in Kegworth, to test out the local interest. Your approach, and others, means that we’ll have to consider an evening option as as possible in the future. Meanwhile, why not have an on-line look at the brochures for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Find them on our East Midlands regional site (see link in the 10th July post below). you’ll find lots of evening options there, and some may be quite close to your home.

  2. please tell me the “make your own art journal” course will be in an evenings or weekend? I work fulltime but I would love to do that course!

    • Sorry this is only a daytime class at present, Amy. If Kegworth proves to be a popular venue, we’ll no doubt be considering expanding our provision there, though. Meanwhile why not have a look online at the brochures for the counties around Kegworth, using the link in the July 10th post below.

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