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If Christmas is coming ….. you can expect your new WEA Course Brochure too!

It’s all too easy for many of us to get completely caught up in the preparations for Christmas at this time of year, and with less than three weeks to go, even I have had to stop moaning about decorations in the shops and Christmas ads on TV.

However, very soon your brochure for next term should be with you, also in local libraries, and you’ll be able to download course details from the regional website too. (I’ll post a link as soon as they are there.) Why not take a little time to book in for next term’s class or classes before the holiday rather than after. This will be really helpful to your branch committee or centre organiser, and also much fairer to tutors and other students, who in some cases do not know whether the class will actually run until the last minute. I certainly know of cases when a class has been cancelled because several people had left it too late to show their interest, so even if you can’t commit yourself right away, don’t leave it too late.

So have a good holiday, everyone, but also look forward to your great WEA New Year!

Best wishes


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