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Brochures are here – and so is the Ofsted inspector!

Good news – the Leicestershire brochures have come from the printers, and I know that many of them are already in the post. If you have studied with us recently you will soon receive your copy, and they should be available to collect from libraries etc.shortly. If you can find the time to do so, why not make your choice of courses and get your place booked now, rather than leaving it to the New Year. Many of the courses are available for online enrolment (but remember that if you are doing more than one course, you can’t claim your 10% discount on the cheaper course online).

Perhaps some of you will have met our Ofsted inspector already. I know he is keen to get a good flavour of what goes on in our region, and will combine his report with those from other WEA regions being inspected, so he’s been visiting various centres  as well as talking to key staff at our Nottingham office. I hope we have been giving a good account of ourselves. I confess that after I had met him, with other regional committee members, I kept thinking of all the things I should have added. It’s always the way!



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