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Happy New Year!

So – a new year, and new chances to learn with WEA. Very best wishes to you all for the coming year, and here’s hoping you’ll enjoy learning with us in 2014.

Most of you will have received your brochure some time back, but can you find it now? If your place is anything like mine, it may have become submerged in the general holiday chaos. (Actually, I don’t need the excuse of wrapping paper/visitors/January sales to create chaos, but I do realise that not everyone is so untidy as I am!) Anyway, if you either have not received a brochure, or have temporarily mislaid it, you can download the information from our regional website here.

Everyone concerned with the WEA, at all levels, will be awaiting the result of the Ofsted inspection that took place just before Christmas. Many thanks to those in our region who were involved in the preparations ( only two days notice, so “ever ready” was the watchword!) and who met the inspectors in person. The report should be available before long, so keep an eye open for a report here or on national and regional sites.

All the best for 2014

Mandy Grocott


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