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Everyone should have a date on Valentine’s Day – make yours the County Forum

At our next Leicestershire County Forum you can make a date with the stars, and with some of the personalities involved in the events leading up to the signing of Magna Carta.

Join us at the Great Meeting Unitarian Chapel to hear Dr Ann Bonnell of Leicester Astronomical Society give us an illustrated talk on 2015 in Astronomy and Space. Ann will look at what is getting astronomers excited in the coming year including space probe visits to two dwarf planets Pluto* and Ceres, and answer your questions afterwards. (* You hadn’t heard? Poor old Pluto got demoted a while back!)

In the afternoon Richard Smith is going to introduce us to some characters who were closely involved with events unfolding prior to the momentous signing of Magna Carta in 1215. What do we know about them and their motivation?  For my part, the answer is not a lot, but I hope to be a lot wiser after Richard’s talk, titled Bishops Barons and Rebels – the makers of Magna Carta.

Registration for the Forum will be from 10.30 a.m. and we anticipate that the event will end at about 3.30. If you are not able to come all day, you are welcome to come for just morning or afternoon. For the full programme see the County Forum page on this site. Hope to see you on Feb 14th.

To sign up for the forum please ring 01509 568054 or email mandy.grocott@ntlworld.com

Mandy Grocott


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