WEA in Leicestershire

A site for members and volunteers, by volunteers

About WEA

WEA nationally:

We are the Workers’ Educational Association – also known as the WEA – and we’re the UK’s largest voluntary-sector provider of adult education.

We were founded in 1903, in order to support the educational needs of working men and women who could not afford to access further or higher education. Today we provide courses for all kinds of adults but we maintain our special mission to provide educational opportunities to adults facing social and economic disadvantage.

We run over 10,000 part-time adult education courses each year. Our 110,000 students reflect all ages and interests, and come to us from all walks of life. We are one of the UK’s biggest charities, and operate at local, regional and national levels through our regional offices and volunteer-led branches. Our courses are created and delivered in response to local need, often in partnership with local community groups and organisations.

Our national website is at www.wea.org.uk

Branches and centres in Leicestershire:

Leicestershire is part of the East Midlands Region of the WEA. You can find out more about the region and download all the counties’ brochures at www.weaeastmidlands.org

Branches run courses of general interest for everybody. Art and crafts, literature, music, archaeology and history, creative writing, natural history, Tai Chi , yoga and dance, psychology and philosophy… all these and more have been offered in the county.

Our largest branches are Leicester and Loughborough.

The Leicester office at Leicester College administers courses run at the college and throughout the city.

The office at Loughborough  caters for courses run there, and for all other branches and centres outside the city of Leicester.

Other Leicestershire branches are at  Birstall and Rothley, Husbands Bosworth, and Rearsby.

Courses are also offered for student groups around the county at Ashby, Hinkley, Kegworth, Market Harborough and Melton Mobray.

Many courses are also run at our centre at 101 Hinkley Road, Leicester, and  Skills for Life classes are run at many locations in the county


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